New album ‘Slowdive’ out now!

Our new self-titled album, Slowdive, is out now! The album features the tracks Star Roving and Sugar for the Pill and is available to buy and/or stream right now at

“Slowdive seem determined to keep stripping back and evolving past the sound that once defined them. Every great band should age so well.” Pitchfork

“‘Slowdive’ comes with no small degree of pressure. But let’s get this out the way: it’s a triumph” Clash

“this is one of the strongest comeback albums in recent memories” Under the Radar

“Shoegaze is rarely affiliated with overwrought emotion, and yet it’s difficult not to feel moved by the expanse of the group’s oceanic comeback.” The Guardian

“after an absence of over 20 years, Slowdive return with an album that brings into sharp focus their gifts for pop classicism and experimentation” Uncut

“an album that’s urgent (or as urgent as shoegaze can be), vital, beautiful.” Stereogum