everything is alive. out now.

Our new album, Everything Is Alive, is released today via Dead Oceans.
Get your copy from your preferred retailer or streaming service HERE.
“everything is alive is meant to be joyous and inspiring; its singles, ‘skin in the game’ and ‘kisses,’ are hypnotically gorgeous.” — New York Magazine
“This is perfect music for the summer’s end, an album to be experienced under a thick blanket while watching the sun disappear behind the trees.” – Wall Street Journal
“[everything is alive] is the antithesis of rigid, as it builds aglow and unravels like silk. Isn’t it a funny thing, how the experiments that once ostracized a band from critical spheres can now take a full, cohesive and dynamite shape on their best album yet?”— Paste
“everything is alive picks up where Slowdive left off, and turns the shoegaze conversation under a new light: They use this music not as numb e
scape, but a conduit for wonder.” —